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Welcome to TheCollective Web



What is AoCP?

The Android open Collective Project (AoCP) is the result of our time and energy spent learning and developing android code. Being the small team that we are, we can not possibly keep up with every possible change in every repository that is needed to compile android.
To over come this we pull from AOSP sources, Cyanogen Mod (CM) sources, and our own source repositories. And even tho we base off CM you will not find every CM feature in AoCP, and vice versa. We try to keep the best mods and include many of our own.
If you take time to explore and enjoy AoCP, you will agree it is a android all its own.

Special Features

In AoCP you will discover things not anywhere else. Some of our favorites include but not limited to;
Animated Quick Tiles
User defined Circle Battery Color

Standard Features

Most noteable but not limited to;

Status bar---------
---Brightness control on status bar as slider
---Show Notification count of pending notifications
---Clock styles (Right, Center, No clock)
---AM/PM styles (Small, Regular, No show)
---Day of the week (Small, Regular, No show)
---Clock short click (Nothing, Alarms, Calender for today/ New event, Voice, Custom app)
---Clock long click (Nothing, Alarms, Calender for today/ New event, Voice, Custom app)
---Clock Color (user defined)
---BatteryBar location (Disabled, Statusbar, Top of Navbar, Bottom of Navbar)
---BatteryBar style (Regular, Center mirrored)
---BatteryBar charging animation (on/off)
---BatteryBar color (user defined)
---BatteryBar Thickness (1dp - 4dp)
---Battery status style (Icon, percentage, circle, circle w/percentage, hidden)
---Circle battery color (user defined)
---Circle battery text color (user defined)
---Signal Status style (icon, text, hidden)

Quick Settings Panel--------
---Quick pulldown (off, right, left)
---Auto Close panel (on/off)
Quick settings style----------
---Tiles text color (user defined)
---Tiles per row (3, 4, 5)
---Scale lanscape quantity (on/off)
---User defined tiles and layout
---User defined Sound tile modes (Silent, Vibrate, Sound, Sound & Vibrate)
---User defined Screen timeout tile modes (15s|1m|5m, 30s|2m|5m|24h)
---Dynamic tiles user selected (Alarm, bug report, IMEchanger, USB tether, WiFI display)

Notification Drawer-----------
Drawer style----
---Notification drawer background (user defined)
---background transparency (slide scale)
---rows transparency (slide scale)
---Power control widget (on/off)
---Widget buttons (user selected)
---Widget button order (user selected)
---Close drawer on change (on/off)
---Hide scroll bar (on/off)
---Haptic feedback (global setting, on, off)

Power menu-------
---Reboot menu (on/off)
---Screenshot (on/off)
---Expanded Desktop (on/off)
---Profile switcher (on/off)
---Airplane mode (on/off)
---sound panel (on/off)

---wifi scan interval
---LCD density
---Windows manager's max events per second
---Telephone ringer delay
---Dalvik heap size
---HSUPA upload speed hack
---Proximity sensor delay
---Change build Number
---PM sleep mode
---NavBar hide/show
---Optimize TCP Stack
---Check in service
---3g speed hack
---GPU acceleration
---Disable logcat
---Sdcard speed hack

PieControl w/Search---------
---Pie color setting (user defined)
---Pic control (on/off)

Hardware keys------------
---Enable custom actions (on/off)
---Homekey Long press (User selected action)
---Menu press (User selected action)
---Menu Long press (User selected action)
---Search press (User selected action)
---Search Long press (User selected action)
---Show action overflow button in apps (on/off)

---Weather (on/off)
---Use custom location (on/off)
--- Custom location (user defined)
---Shaow location (on/off)
---Metric units used/displayed (on/off)
---Refresh Interval (user selected)

---We have the nessary code inplanted to operate and support halo notifications, how ever you have to get the halo app your self from the google play store.

T-Mobile Theme Engine----------
---We support themes

App features------------
-----Camera has:
HDR, Smart Capture, Use external storage option, and Voice shutter
-----Messaging has:
Notification number attribute, Easy selector, Quick reply, and Privacy mode
-----Phone has:
Flip action, Blacklist, and Rejected calls marked as missed option
----- System has:
CRT animation options,  Advanced Reboot enabled by default, Stylus gestures, DC-HSPAP support, Allow sending/receiving of APK files over blue tooth, Set individual notifications, and New theme support modifications



Sometimes we may not have the latest things from CM. This is because we use our devices everyday and need DD status loaded. So we might hang back a bit and steer clear of cutting edge methods or mods. We believe that stability is most important in our Collective Product. That is why we test our builds a minimum of 24hours before we publish it.
Sometimes a build makes it out only to discover a big problem, in such cases we will publish a fix in 24hours or pull the link until such time the issue was corrected.
Other times you may see you device seemingly overlooked for a build release. When that happens it is because that device had problems when other devices didn't, and we are working hard to get it ironed out before the next update.


Visual Flare

It's Orange. That's right, orange.
When you boot AoCP for the first time, or maybe a revisit after being away for some time, You will know right away that you got something totally new and different gleaming from your screen. Don't be worried, but fair warning...
It grows on you.